• Preview of our Inaugural episode of our Ready, Set, Lead! Podcast with former U.S. Ambassador to Spain Alan Solomont.  Video Discussion here
  • Episode 1 – Alan Solomont. 
  • Episode 2 – Matthew Barzun
    • How much do American values and behaviors at home impact our ability to lead overseas?Tune in to this episode of Ready, Set, Lead! Podcast as we welcome Former US Ambassador to Sweden and the UK, Matthew Barzun, to discuss his approach to foreign policy and how we, the planet, can be free together.Matthew shares his candid thoughts on the unique role of a US Ambassador, the dangers of fearing disagreement, and the power of nurturing relationships, especially with people who don’t agree with your political views. He also sheds light on the meaning behind his constellation theory of leadership, independence, and power, a concept he talks about in his book, The Power of Giving Away Power: How the Best Leaders Learn to Let Go.Don’t miss the insightful words of wisdom Matthew offers to foreign policy professionals around the world!“The magic of a constellation is that you can stand out as an individual, a star so to speak, and you can fit together with other stars to create something more useful, more powerful than you ever could on your own. And that I think is the best idea America has ever had.” – Matthew Barzun
  • Episode 3 – Allan Katz
    • What is it really like to be a US ambassador overseas? Will American still be the great hope of the world 50 years from now?Tune in to this episode of Ready, Set, Lead! as we welcome US Ambassador Allan Katz to discuss his experience working on Capitol Hill, proving civic discourse at American Public Square, and serving in Lisbon as the United States Ambassador. We talked about challenges he’s facing from China and Russia, the value of NATO for our current society, the importance of US diplomacy, and much more!“After a year in Portugal, if any other ambassador from around the world had called me and offered to trade spots, I would have said no.” – Ambassador Allan Katz
      He details his experience with Obama’s decision to increase US presence in Afghanistan, as well as his candid thoughts on Biden’s strategic decision to withdraw all US and NATO troops from Afghanistan. He also speaks on the impact of America’s global engagement on the citizenry in European and Pacific democracies.
  • Episode IV – Dr. Lindsay Chervinsky
    • A new hope. That’s what the United States was to the world in 1776. But are we now headed into an era of darkness? Does the US have the capacity to move the country forward in 2021 and beyond?Tune in to this episode of Ready, Set, Lead! as we welcome presidential historian and author of The Cabinet, Dr. Lindsay Chervinsky, to talk about the Republic, the impulses to create an empire, the use of force, and whether or not we’re headed to the dark side.“All leadership is flawed. It’s incredibly important to tell the whole story and the full story.”                                                                                              – Dr. Lindsay ChervinskyDr. Lindsay Chervinsky loves to study power and how people use it. She sheds light on the era of President Washington and how past presidencies’ use of power has impacted both the modern American political system and the world as a whole. Lindsay shares her candid thoughts on a wide range of topics including whether we should grade our leaders on a historical curve, the use of the term “cabinet,” and context and consequences of US withdrawal from Afghanistan. She speaks on why the 2022 mid-term elections are a major turning point for the US and shares a beautifully inspirational quote that puts all of this into perspective.
  • Episode 5 – Fmr. Australian Ambassador to the United States, Joe Hockey
    • Australia’s former Ambassador to the United States Joe Hockey joins Ready, Set, Lead! Podcast.  We discussed his early impressions of the United States, his time as Ambassador,  Bondi Partners,  instability in the Indo-Pacific, American leadership around the world, and the deep friendship between the U.S. and Australia.About Ambassador Joe HockeyBefore co-founding Bondi Partners, the Honourable Joe Hockey served as Australia’s Ambassador to the United States of America, taking up his posting in Washington in January 2016. Notably, Mr. Hockey was responsible for Australia’s relationship with the US during the final year of President Obama’s tenure and the first three years of President Trump’s term. As Ambassador, Mr. Hockey emphasized the importance of a free and fair trade and investment partnership between the US and Australia, while promoting innovative infrastructure investment throughout the US.

      At Bondi Partners, Mr. Hockey spearheads the firm’s strategic direction in both the United States and Australia.

      Previously, as the elected Treasurer of Australia, Mr. Hockey was responsible for all aspects of the Australian economy. With a reputation as a reformer, Mr. Hockey helped shape the modern financial system in Australia and had a major hand in the formation of industry policy, from tourism and hospitality to health and welfare.

      In 2014, Mr. Hockey chaired the highly successful G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meetings. He initiated major infrastructure initiatives ranging from the implementation of asset recycling financing to the creation of the G20 Infrastructure Hub.

      Mr. Hockey has had a long and distinguished career in public service. He first entered Parliament in 1996 as the Member for North Sydney and spent more than seventeen years on the front bench. Over the course of his parliamentary career, Mr. Hockey served as a Minister in a number of different portfolios including Financial Services, Small Business and Tourism, Human Services, and Employment and Workplace Relations.

      Previously, Mr. Hockey served as a banking and finance lawyer with a major Australian law firm. He graduated from the University of Sydney with Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Law.

      Mr. Hockey is married to Ms. Melissa Babbage, a company director, and former investment banker. They have three young children Xavier, Adelaide, and Ignatius.

  • Episode 6 – The Honorable Gerry Brownlee, Member of New Zealand’s Parliament and Fmr. Defence Minister
    • Gerry Brownlee has served as a Senior Cabinet Minister most noticeably for his work as the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister soon after a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch on September 4, 2010.

      His role expanded following 22 February 2011 when a 6.3 magnitude quake hit the city, killing 185 people and resulting in widespread residential and commercial property destruction. The earthquakes, and subsequent rebuild of New Zealand’s second-largest city, are the country’s costliest event.

      Gerry Brownlee has represented New Zealand as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and as Minister of Defence.

      We discussed the long-standing friendship and partnership between our two countries;  Afghanistan;  challenges facing sister democracies in the Pacific;  the rise of China and how we can move forward together.

      New Zealand is a fascinating country with a strong streak of independence, yet they are always at America’s side.  True friends.