Principle 2: Re-engage in Global Diplomacy

Re-engage in Global Diplomacy

The United States shall:

Principle 2.1 Reject isolationism.

Principle 2.2 Strengthen alliances and coalitions of democratic nations.

Principle 2.3 Re-engage with International problem-solving organizations.

Principle 2.4 Promote regional stability to prevent humanitarian tragedies and tackle income inequality.

2.5 Expand relationships with key partners including Japan, India, Mexico, South Korea, and Australia.

2.6 Support those fighting for democracy around the world, and systematically pressure countries to uphold human rights and adhere to international law.

2.7 Recognize that enabling or excusing oppression abroad only fuels the injustices and instability that endanger liberal democracies in the future.

2.8 Urgently Address Climate Change